What colors do you wear with your cream chloe?

  1. I'm having a bit of a dilemma.

    I'm one of those people who always tries to match their bags to their shoes.

    I have also discovered that I tend to stick to wearing a maximum of three colors at any one time (eg blue jeans, white top, brown shoes, brown bag). <<< see pic

    However, now craie has entered the picture I have been thrown for a loop and dont know what I can wear with her (as obviously none of my shoes match her).

    Can I wear white with cream? Or should I stear clear as they are similar.

    I've been thinking I may need to bring some printed fabric into the picture to help it all "go"

    Any ideas/photos would be appreciated.

  2. Nows the time to spend more money!!!!!!! Get some cream sandals or metalics, if you really want to have fun get the Chloe boots in Mastic to wear with your skirts and cream bag. Your stretching with your purse in color now do it with your foot wear.:wlae:
  3. I am wearing my craie today with a black and cream Narciso Rodriguez top, a pair of cream 7 cords and black Miu Miu flats:
  4. I will use my mastic paddy once the weather warms up and will use it with brown, black, metallic shoes...even have a sneakers with brown running through them...

    I say get a pair of metallic flip flops that match the lock of the bag (ie:gold) and you're set...for work do the same with metallic ballet flats..and for out out gold pumps (change the gold to silver if you're hardware is silver..)

  5. Darling your bag looks fabulous.:smile:
  6. hmwe46, what model Paddy is that bag? I LUUUUV it!!
  7. Thanks Susieserb :heart:

    Beth001, thank you, I love it too!! I am carrying a craie loaf :love:
  8. Perhaps I'm too pedantic with my clothing choices - I have decided tommorow to wear my craie for the first time to work (casual friday) with jeans, brown silk top and brown flats. I just resigned today so I will need something to lift my spirits!
  9. You resigned today?! My sympathies. But I'm sure you looked fabulous carrying your craie - and looking good counts for a lot!
  10. Yup - it all works splendidly! Looking good hmwe!!!
  11. Lol yes resigned today - a better job was offered and I couldnt let it go. Thanks for all your fabulous ideas! I'm off to buy some gold shoes!
  12. A better job! Well now that's a different story! Onward and upwards and more money for accessories!!!
  13. I wear gold and cream shoes with my blanc paddy. I think the blanc goes with everything a great summer colour.
  14. What year(s) did they make the loaf? What colors did it come in? Are they called by different names? How much bigger is it than the standard Paddy satchel, or is it? Where can I find one? (Standard questions, eh?)
  15. I love the idea of getting the metallic shoes or sandals to match the padlock color. You go girls.

    Signed, Craieless