What colors do you like to wear around holiday season?

  1. Hello! Please excuse me for this, as this is not exactly about bags. However, I love asking my little fashionista friends on here for opinions when I am going to buy a new handbag, and so I figured I should ask this as well!
    If you were to buy a dress or two for holiday parties, cocktail parties, etc, during the winter.... what colors would you be more likely to buy?
    Jewel tones, such as deep purples, midnight blues, teal? and of course black and grey.
    Or: softer more subdued hues? Such as mauve, a toned down blueish green, silvery blue... etc.
    So, is it a more saturated, stronger, deeper color that you would go for or a lighter, more muted, subtle color?? Hope this makes sense! Thanks so much!