What colors do the fendi spy bags

  1. come in?
  2. to start with:

    Honey, white, black, cognac, chocolate, petrol, green, metallic range - silver and gold bases and I am sure many more that other people will list on here.
  3. There're also the two-tone ones: black/white (nicole richie), red/white (gwen stefani), and green/white (jessica simpson). But I believe they're highly coveted and are hard to find.
  4. Here's a great pictorial guide of all the authentic Fendi spies were produced compiled by a good friend of mine from tfs:
    Fendi Spy Bag List
  5. what a great list Greendrv, and with pics
  6. Fabulous link Greendrv, those spy's are totally TDF!
    Thanks for posting!
  7. thanks!
  8. I saw a black velvet one with silver embroidery and cristals at Fendi Florence...has anyone ever seen that one?
  9. Graciella, yup, it came out F/W 05 I believe.
  10. God, I wanted that black crystal one! just bought a regular black one, so I had to hold back a bit...it's really amazing how many styles and colours there are...which just makes it easier to fake I guess
  11. Not really. In fact, I haven't seen any fake spies that have fooled me. Especially, the specialty spies. The craftsmanship, or lack there of in the fakes, is evident.
  12. so pretty!!! love the list with photos!
  13. Wonderful listing!!!!!
  14. I know this is a REALLY old thread, but that link doesn't work any longer. I have a white/black spy bag that i bought at a trunk show a couple of years ago. I would post pics but it's away at the cleaners right now. After browsing this forum though (looking for repair suggestions...the tube thing came off), I'm starting to think that I might have been carrying a really good fake all this time! Did they make the white/black one with a black braided tube, or just with the white leather tube? The red and green ones both have the colored braided tube, but the photos i saw of LL's white/black bag had a white leather tube.

    So, fendi authorities...what's the verdict?
  15. your best to take pics and put it up on the authenticate fendi thread they will tell you in a day or so :smile: