What colors do Rolondos come in?

  1. I really want a pair of Rolondos next....

    I've only seen them in patent black and reg. leather.

    But does anyone know if they come in nude / camel?

    I have the decolette's but after reading everyone's posts about how uncomfortable they are, I'm having second thoughts.

    Should I keep them decolettes and get the rolondos?

    I dont know..... Please help.
  2. AFAIK the only skin-tone color that Rolando will be released in is a dark white/beige/"taupe" color. Some people call it skin-tone or nude or camel but I'm pretty sure sure it's not officially labeled "camel" or "nude" on the box -- i.e. it's not the same shade as the camel on Decollete 868 or the pink-ish nude on Very Prive's. It's the same shade of beige as that of beige patent Mad Mary's.

  3. Which of the 2 shoes do you like more?

    Or should I just get them both?
  4. Biondina - as Foxy mentioned, there is the beige patent rolando that is the same exact color as the beige Mad Mary. I have seen this color at Saks.
    And there is also a camel color that Barneys currently has.
    The other colors that I have seen so far:
    Black patent leather
    Black kidskin leather
    Red patent leather
    Beige patent leather (identical to Mad Mary)
    Camel patent leather (similar to camel decolletes)
    Black suede
    Green suede
    Fuschia suede
    Royal Purple suede (aka electric blue)
  5. Some others I forgot about:
    Pony hair leopard print
    Bronze kidskin leather
    Plum suede

    My suggestion is to get the rolandos and return the decolletes because IMO the rolandos are much more comfortable. I have a hard time wearing decolletes for more than an hour - and I have 3 different sizes so it's not because the size is wrong.
    I think Rolandos are much sexier because they reveal a lot of toe cleavage, and the hidden platform gives them added height over the decolletes.
  6. There is also a navy blue patent rolando.