What colors did the original Rambler's legacy come in?

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  1. I was just wondering if there is a place I can go to see what colors the original Rambler came in? I have seen some different shades of brown, but not sure if it is just the picture causing that, or if there were actually different color browns.

    And I did try searching the forum, but couldn't find much on color.
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    Do you mean original Rambler....that predated the Legacy Rambler which predated the Archival Rambler.

    This bag came in black/brass, black/nickel, British Tan, Mahoghany and red. A very rare version came in a steel color. Not sure about the cream.
    I know navy versions of this are fake. They never came out with in navy and they should have.

    This is first-hand knowledge; I have collected Coach for 15+ years. Regarding the navy: I had bought a bag off the Bay and I remember that people would look at that bag. Out of curiosity, I had phone Coach and asked them. She had looked it up and said that Coach never made the 9061 in navy. That was some time ago. That must have been eight years ago--can't remember.
    I wish there was a equivalent of the My Poupette Guide for Coach. Someone could create one, if there isn't.
  3. I hope that they do brass/black again in the archival rambler!
  4. I think I'm talking about the original Rambler. It is the 9061 one. I saw one where the color was listed as "camel". Looking at your list of colors though, that doesn't seem to be right. It's a beautiful color, but maybe they just said the wrong thing?

    Thank you very much for the reply :smile:
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    Coach's 1999 Holiday catalog lists Navy with Brass as one of the colors for the Rambler's Legacy. Since Coach's computer sysytem only went online at about that time, it's possible they actually made that color but don't have a record of it on file.

    With all the problems people have run into trying to get accurate information from Coach Customer Service, it's a good idea to be careful about acting on what they tell you over the phone. Anyone who has a questionable item should have it authenticated here instead of depending on what some anonymous CS phone rep supposedly finds on their computer.

    Case in point, SHAKU, the same catalog also lists the #9061 Rambler's LEGACY - NOT the original Rambler - as being available in Camel. A photo of Coach's Holiday 1999 catalog is below. Oh, and Bone is mentioned too.

    Like I said, be careful about believing what Coach phone reps tell you.

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  6. The original Rambler was not the 9061.

    I dont' ask the CSRs at Coach anything now about bags. It was in the early to mid 2000's, she didn't have a record of it--that was for certain. And I didn't have a catalog or a forum such as tpf.
    At that time even store managers new to the company were ill-informed.

    Well, if there were any navy Rambler's Legacies around, they were probably much rarer than the black and mahoghany.
    There were a lot of fakes of the Rambler's Legacy floating around. They were all "Made in the USA."
  7. The original Rambler was the #9735, which was discontinued in the early 1990s and wasn't around long enough to have been made with the new-style serial number that included a style number so it often isn't recognised for what it is. The 9061 and the current re-done version are the only ones in Coach's computer system.

    Most classic-style all-leather fakes have Made in the United States creeds. US creeds in bags with year codes showing they were made after 2004 are major red flags.
  8. These were actually floating around prior to 2004! That was the problem. It was a very good fake and there something about it that triggered that call to CS. I did have another reason for the call and had mentioned to the CSR. I had other bags. I knew that it should have Costa Rica.
    You know that Coach began making their China bags in 2001-2002 and had decided to step away from classics. In the late 1990s high-grade fakes began appearing on the Bay. ( I know this because I was a victim of a scam.) When it came to the faux navy Rambler's Legacy, I didn't check it carefully enough. When I got it, it was 2004. The owner had had it a while and she had gotten it from her daughter. It had an old serial number that would be consistent.
    So the post-2004 red flag only helps in certain cases. It is more helpful to know when Coach ceased making bags in the U.S. By the mid 1990s they were made in Costa Rica.

    Tricky stuff. Out of 50 plus transactions on the Bay, I was caught three times Again, we didn't have tpf. Thanks for your response. :smile:
  9. Thank you everyone for responding to this. I am going to post in the authenticate this thread the link that I was looking at. I thought it was good as long as the color worked out, but now I'm not so sure!
  10. Actually I've seen genuine China-made bags as early as 1996, apparently Coach had several pilot plants up & running for several years before they made the wholesale switch in 2000. You can never depend on just one part or digit in the serial number to determine authenticity, even plant codes, since Coach sometimes would retire one plant and re-use the code for another plant. As near as I can figure at least a fourth to a third of plant codes from the 90s have been recycled - for instance, the M code from Costa Rica was used at one of the Chinese plants in the early 2000s after that CR plant had been closed.

    I've been collecting serial number info and photos for quite a while now. If you have any bags you're still questioning, please ask at the Authenticate thread. Don't ever depend on phone CS people, just in the last few years posters have reported being told completely contradictory info on the phone, including that Coach was and wasn't made in both Thailand and Korea. For a while I was probably the only person at Ebay who believed those Thailand creeds were genuine.