What colors did the Legacy Shoulder Zip come in?

  1. I went to Charlotte yesterday and came home with three HUGE Coach bags full of boxes and things wrapped up all nice! :yahoo: I will do pictures this afternoon! :yes:

    While I was in one of the dept stores-- I saw a shoulder zip-- tried it on-- and fell in love with it. However, I do not like any of the current colors.

    Did it ever come in Rose, Pond, or whiskey?

    Thanks! ;)
  2. This bag?
  3. Yes Ma'am! :yes:
  4. Bump
  5. It came in the following colors:


    Black/black leather trim
    Khaki/black leather trim

    The shoulder zip was not made in rose or pond, unfortunately.

    Here are all of them except white and natural. I actually owned all of these at one point but have since gotten rid of all but the black leather:

  6. I just ordered the black leather one today!!
  7. I wish it came in Rose or pond, that would have been beautiful!

    I've had the black and the natural leather, the natural is AWESOME! I so love the color.
    Do you have a natural colored bag?
    Maybe you could order that?