what colors did the jewel coin purse come in? thanks

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  1. #1 Feb 20, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2010
    did it come in teal or silver I have the wallets wristlets mini skinnys but would love the round coin purse in all the colors but have only seen one thanks :O)

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  2. no other jewel addicts here LOL :O)
  3. I have a mini skinny and wristlet in this - mine are the gray, and purple. I know they came in magenta and teal, too. Not sure of the others.
  4. When I bought mine, there was only silver and gold in the round case.
  5. thanks :O)
  6. ooohhh...i have never seen the round coin purse ever - that is nice!
  7. silver for sure!!!
  8. Yes it only came in silver or gold in the round. The heart was only in pink or violet.
  9. I got the silver and gold from my boutique and I also got violet from Japan site through my boutique. They also had pink but for some odd reason I never ordered it! I was going to then it was sold out! I miss alot of things because I wait too long! LOL
  10. Thanks for asking this question OP....I've become obsessed with getting all the jewel tone accessories too!!

    Can anyone help fill in any blanks I have here...

    Med. Zip-Around Wallets- came in Raspberry, Silver and Teal only, is that correct?
    Mini Skinnys- Raspberry, Silver, Gold, Teal, Purple, is that correct?
    Wristlets- Raspberry,Silver, Gold, Teal, Purple, is that correct?
    Lg. Flat Cosmetic Bags- Have only seen the purple so far, what other colors did this come in?
    Round Coin Cases- Gold, Silver, Purple (Japan Exc.) & Raspberry (Japan Excl)- another poster mentioned pink, I assume that's the Raspberry?
    Mini Photo Key Chain- Have only seen black so far (listed on the Bay), any other colors?

    This is the original jewel tone accessories I'm referring too, not the newer line (which looks almost the same except w/ the heart added to the design across the front). TIA!
  11. I'm not sure of all the colors, but I scored 2 wristlets yesterday, and was totally surprised there were any. I went to two outlets, and found one gold and one raspberry at the outlet that is the smallest. NONE others of any kinds that I could see. I missed the first go-around. I just love them. I would like them in all colors...and the round is TDF!! Good luck in your search.
  12. CA-A you are correct, but there was also a medium sized flat cosmetic bag that came in raspberry only

    yeah D baglady003 is right (of course, shes awesome!!) that one only came in 2 colors - not good for u miss jewel addict lol!
  13. I don't think there was a teal wristlet. I may be wrong, but as someone who stalks EVERYWHERE right now for the jeweled stuff she doesn't possess, I have not seen anything about a teal wristlet.
  14. You know I went back through my "Jewel" collection a little while ago and could have sworn I had a teal wristlet but I don't and I just checked e-bay and don't see any listed either, so I think you're right!!

    Coach drives me crazy with that at times- producing certain colors in certain accessories but not others! If the mini skinny came in all the colors, how come they didn't just make all the accessories in all the colors????

    Thanks everyone for the info!!
  15. ^^ I know. I'm trying to get every piece I can, and my collection looks so lopsided and looks like I have so many holes, when I only have a few. The violet is probably my favorite of the colors...it just shines...I wish they had done a violet wallet. :shrugs: