What colors did C'est Mois come in?

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  1. Hello!

    One of my gf mentioned she thought she saw one in a purple suede?if so what season? Was there a specific name for the color?

    Also did leather come in any other colors beside black and taupe?

  2. I think there are purple, fuxia, and teal suede.

    And then black, and like taupe.
  3. I think there was also a fuschia leather. Pictures are posted in the reference library.
  4. I saw a black suede and red leather in reference.
  5. It's apparently over for me !!! Would any of you know if the purple suede or fushcia leather is hard to come by?

    Btw damn you girls are quick with the response time!!! Thanks !
  6. What size are you?
  7. I'm am 8.5 in alto ( the only refrence I have) otherwise 7 or 7.5us normally
  8. ^alti
  9. Well there are size 8 cest moi in fuxia on ebay.

    Ebay is probably your cheapest and best bet.
  10. Awww there only seems to be suede ones, did you see the leather version ?
  11. i think the fuschia only came in suede but i could be wrong
  12. NAP still had fuschia suede, but at full price :tdown: Worth keeping an eye on them though....
  13. Dont remember seeing purple cest mois
  14. i saw fuschia and brown leather c'est mois in motcomb street boutique.