What colors did Cammie come in?

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  1. So... hi, I'm new. ^_^ I'm here because I saw a picture in a book of a Marc Jacobs bag and fell in love. At first I thought it was the Sophia, but once I saw how big the Sophia is on a person, I've figured out it is the Cammie I am lusting after. It is exactly the style and size I am looking for! I don't carry a large bag, but I need something a bit bigger than the wristlets I've been using for everyday use.

    What I wanted to know was what colors the Cammie has come in? I'm hoping for something in the blue or purple family, like peacock or orchid. All the ones I've seen online though have been pink, black, white, red and green. Oh, and leopard.

    I've also seen there's a newer version, quilted with a chain strap. I'm not interested in that one. Thanks!
  2. I have a grape cammie. It really doesn't hold much, purse, phone, keys, lippy and that's about it, but it's cute.
  3. That's about all I carry, so the size is not a problem for me. I will have to keep an eye on eBay for one in a color I want. If anyone has any other suggestions on where I could find one, I'd love to hear them. I'd call the MJ stores and ask, but I can't really afford the full priced bag right now anyway. :crybaby:

    I did stop by the NM Last Call, and Off 5th near me, but they didn't have much MJ. I'm guessing the Cammie is a bit too old to show up in those places anymore anyway.
  4. I believe the soft calf cammie was discontinued in Spring 05, so if you check the reference thread, it would be any color from Spring 05 or earlier. I think the nameplate will only have MJ imprinted on it, without the MII.

    Is there a particular shade you're interested in? Blue, Green, etc?
  5. I tend to like the blue-green shades, and blue purples. Colors I've seen that I like are topaz, petrol, peacock in the blues, and orchid, grape, eggplant, and plum for purple. Green could be ok, if it's a more neutral shade like meadow green. I don't like grass, sap, or lime.

    I'm tempted to hop on the one beany linked, which looks like it's in royal blue, but it's not 100% what I want. Checking ebay tho, and searching completed auctions, it looks like there's been one Cammie up in the last 60 days. So I'm at war with wanting it NOW, and wanting it PERFECT.

    Perfect is kinda winning though, for such an expensive purchase.