What colors can you use for smokey eyes?

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  1. I've always been told either purple or green, though I'm not too fond of either.

    What about you?
  2. i usually use purples....but sometimes i mix it up with blues or straight up black. :yes:
    (i have brown eyes, hence the purple)
  3. I mix it up. I use also midnight blue, grey, even dark silver, graphite - black/charcoal color, browns. Hmm... I think you can do the smokey eye with every darker color (with the exception of red - and that's because I'm limited in my imagination there... I think it'd look freaky).
  4. Anyone have photos? I want to see some gorgeous smokey eyes done to other colors!
  5. Smokey eyes can be done with any colors possible. My favorite look is the classic deep black fading into dark brown then a highlight. One look I saw was deep black to navy blue to silver. GORGEOUSSSSS.
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