What colors can be worn year round?

  1. I know the obvious ones like the blacks and chcos and greys.... but what about the other colors? Navy? Purple? Fuschia? Red? And what about the different leathers? Crash? Matte? Does it make a difference at all? I live in Texas so the weather doesn't really mandate a color or type of leather -- we don't really have winter here... it's mostly summer and fall/spring. I'd love to know what everyone else thinks as far as colors that fit all seasons....
  2. I am waiting on a matte apple but I plan to save it for spring and summer. I am also waiting on a petrol for now. I don't think I'll carry it very late in the spring but who knows.
  3. I pretty much would carry any color in any season.. exception would be white/off white/cream colored bags -- those I'd reserve for spring/summer only.
  4. I live in California so there are really no color rules and personally I think the style/material of the bag dictate the season more than the color - I'd carry pretty much any of the BE bags any time of the year! I don't carry super light bags though but winter white is named "winter" white for a reason;)
  5. All of them!! I don't like to limit myself, and really actually love to see winter white bag all year round (I live in New England). ;)
  6. Most of them can be, but there are a few that I think are pretty seasonal.

    Spring/Summer: Apple green, turquoise, aqua
    Winter/fall: Chocolate crash, plum crash, wine
  7. I find my pewter crash extremely versatile - I use it all year.
  8. Pewter crash, Petrol, Tan, Purple are year-round colors - Don't be afraid to strut your stuff in these colors ladies!!! :wlae::wlae:
  9. I think mid pink is an all round colour goes with black, grey, navy, brown ,white .............the list is endless but then again I have got 2 pink Bs and a purple so I am biased!!
  10. I think you can wear any bag you like all year.....in fact, I've seen women with wine bags in the summer believe it or not!

    Wear what you love and you can't go wrong! You'll exude radiance and sex appeal!
  11. Listening to you girls is o empowering!!! I have worn pretty much any color year round... but sometimes feel conspicuous with a bright pink bag in winter or black in the summer.... but now I'm empowered and with strut my bags in all colors anytime!
  12. I feel a bit odd about wearing very floral pastels (pale pink, pale blue, soft pale yellow) in autumn and winter but do not have the reverse prejudice against wearing rich deep colours (purple, wine, green) in summer.
  13. We really don't have a winter here in Texas so I think most colors can be year round. I definitely think that dark grey, brown, black, petrol and tan can be year round colors depending upon the clothing with which they are paired. I can wear my dark grey with anything, which I love. I'm also hoping that the petrol can be a year round color for me since I dress pretty casually for the most part, and since I wear a lot of neutrals, this could be a nice pop of color.

    I think the choco crash and the plum crash might be more seasonal but I know metallics are popular year round, too, so I think it's really up to the person carrying it. Don't seem to be any hard and fast rules anymore (not that I would have ever followed them!)
  14. I use my black crash, matte chocolate, and matte tan year round. I love the way the tan looks with my black outfits. I do not use my cream shimmer until spring. I have a burnt sherry in a Linea Pelle and use that year round, as well. I would use wine all year, if I had one--but that's another story:crybaby:
  15. Reading this thread has been very helpful...I was wavering on getting a tan HM for my mom (I adore the color combo, and the tan leather looks AMAZING), who lives in Florida for a good part of the year -- and now I am not!