What colors are you missing?

  1. I find that I often look for bags by color rather than shape or style. I wanted a pink bag for the longest time.

    What bag color are you on the search for now?

    I'm looking for another biege bag, but this time like a lighter hue than the classic Chanel "apricot."
  2. I'm looking for a red bag.
  3. i am too looking for a red bag =D
  4. Quite ironically, I don't have a good black bag. You'd think everyone would have one! Nope, not me... red, white, pink, blue, tan/brown, no black!
  5. Dusty Pink!!
  6. That's what I want too! I saw the most amazing bag in London a few months ago in hot pink and I am stilll lusting for it:blink: :blink:

  7. Me too Kat. No black bag here either. I think I'm going to get a black Charlotte though when I finally get one.
  8. I'm looking for a turquoise bag.
  9. I definitely need a tan or brown bag. I have too many black bags!
  10. I need a green bag.
  11. I'd love a white bag to carry just every once in awhile.

    And I'd love something bluish...maybe the Paddy in Mousse?

    And I really like the color of chocolate....I still have a lot of bags I need! :smile:
  12. I need, well want a red and a white bag. I love this red BV tote but for that money I'm simply SOL!!!
  13. At the moment, I'm interested in looking for a light blue/aqua bag.
  14. a blue and a black one..
  15. Tons but as far as far as the basics--chocolate brown.