what colors are you getting from ss07 collection?

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    • noir (black)
    • café (coffee)
    • truffe (truffle)
    • vert gazon (grass green)
    • rouge vermillon (vermilion)
    • vert d'eau (water green)
    • blanc (white)
    • marine (dark navy)
    • bleu de France (French blue)
    • naturel (natural)
    • bleu glacier (periwinkle)
    • anthracite (very dark grey with green undertone)
    • argile (clay)
    • cobalt (aqua marine/dusty turquoise)
  1. For sure:
    vert gazon :heart:
    anthracite :heart:

    I want to wait and see pics of some of the blues :wlae:
  2. I'm not sure yet, I want to see it IRL first:

  3. I really want the naturel :yes: and hope I will still get one early february what the rest is concerned I am not that thrilled maybe a french blue for fun, café sounds intresting but not a must have the bleu glacier and anthracite sound promissing but I wait to see them IRL.

    I really want some of the older colors...dolma or olive, black/pewter...
  4. pretty sure it's the marine and anthracite
  5. None for me unless one of them really jumps out at me. I will be saving up and hoping for lots of pink and purples in fall/winter.

  6. I'm with you cat! I think the naturel is really pretty and will go with everything!
  7. Naturel!!!

    Possibly anthracite.
  8. i'm not sure yet :
    Blue Glacier or Cobalt
    Just one for me from this collection
  9. May be the naturel but I'm not sure because the leather on the new bags (with giant gold hardware) didn't impress me. They were all really dry and felt pretty stiff not like they should feel.
    Theresa has the giant city, day and brief in marine, black, white, truffle and grass green and none of those colours really got me. It might be a cheap season for me:graucho:
  10. I am hoping to get a Vert Gazon, a Marine and maybe a Natural :yes:
  11. I'd like to see marine and cobalt IRL to make a decision. French blue has possiblities but a lot of it depends on the leather. Most of my bags are from 05 and I seem to want leather that is similar to that.
  12. is that one in ur signature an anthracite???? i thought it was more greyish

    i'd love to wait to see some pinks too...but as of now...i'd say black and anthracite are my favourite :love:
  13. Its marine :yes:
  14. Marine and Anthracite are the colors I'll be looking at. One in a City and the other in a wallet maybe. Why did the Box style stop just as I'm ready to buy one?

    Oh, and regular hardware only...

    And just fyi - I called Kim at BalNY to put myself on the list for a City in both Marine and Anthracite, and she said they anticipated the Marine to be the big seller this year so they ordered tons, for whatever it's worth...