What colors are the reissue currently available?

  1. I am starting to love the reissue bag more and more, at first I was ambivalent, but now its growing on me. I love the chain, not thrilled about the crease in the bottom. But I think if I found the perfect color I'd overlook the crease.

    So my question is what colors do the reissues currently come in?

    What new colors are they expected to come in (if any) for the fall ?

  2. dark silver, light silver, black w/ silver HW and pearls, black w/ gold HW (I think...)

    sizes 224, 226, 227, and supposedly 228?

    I think there are more colors though...
  3. There's 225, I just got one 2 weeks ago
  4. The '07 colors are dark silver, light silver,black metallic, black with gold hardware, black with pearls and gold hardware. You can also find random pieces in black patent with gold hw and navy patent with gold hw. Occasionally someone finds a burgundy or dark white or dark gold.
  5. So is the matte black out for this year? Do they come out with new colors every season? I am must not loving the colors it is in right now, loving the style...just not the colors yet.