What colors are non-glazed???

  1. Can anyone list for me all the Morning After colors that are non-glazed?? (matte finish) i am looking for a brown MA that has the same leather as my black satin wash MA. TIA!
  2. black (stonewash? is this the same as satin wash?)
    blue (stonewash? the blue grey color)

    Perhaps someone who knows more of the colors can categorize for us?
  3. i'm really looking for a non-glazed brown. how about espresso???
  4. There is also a chocolate stonewash with silver hardware.
  5. Espresso is also I nice color- I'm thinking of getting the Nikki in this color!
  6. Morning After? anywhere i can find this bag?? also, is espresso glazed?
  7. thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!! any Luna Boston codes???
  8. grechen i believe is 20% off.
  9. Smooshy chocolate Matinee?? Do you have a pic?
  10. Heh, no problem! I have entirely too much time on my hands.

    Here's Brenn18's pic of her chocolate/wine matinee. Hope she doesn't mind me reposting.
  11. GUNG~

    i just checked out Brenn18's chocolate/wine matinee, it's sooo yummy! i'm not sure still if i should get a deep brown or like a medium brown. i actually LOVE the saddle color cos i can wear it with black or brown. i dunno, i'll figure it out.

  12. ^^^LOL!!! i too just looked this up!