What colors are inthe outlets? And how much?

  1. Hey! Just wondering what colors of the Signature Small Soft Duffles are in the outlets? My closest outlet is about an hours drive and when I call the SAs don't seem terribly knowledgeable although they are nice. I think I want a black one (although I think I want a lot of things:smile: ), but just wondering what other colors they have. The red they had last fall was SWEET! Oh, and how much? I know they are only $199 in the store, but any $$ I can save puts me thismuch closer to a matching wallet. :smile:
  2. I was wondering the samething. I'm in VA visiting my parents and I'm going to stop by the Leesburg tomorrow. I am definitely going to make an appearance in lots of stores including COACH. I will let you know by tomorrow afternoon!
  3. I wouldn't think they would have a signature black one at an outlet, unless it's a signature outlet. I do know they usually have plain leather ones, usually black, white and some other colors. I was *so* close to convincing my mother to get a large soft duffle in black for herself before she backed out.
  4. I was at the Round Rock outlet today (I returned my Large Soho Flap) and they had the Soft Duffle (both small and large) in Black leather, Dark Brown leather, and Camel Suede. I think there was one other leather color, but I can't remember it. I am pretty sure that they had some Dark Brown Suede. I believe that the small bags were about $165. Hope that helps.
  5. Thanks so much for everyone's replies! I need a new bag, have looked at this style since last fall, but like to have a matching wallet. Of course, that gets expensive after a while so I like to get the best deals I can! :smile:
  6. I was just in Las Vegas and I purchased this large duffle for $95. They also had sky blue and black but they were slightly more expensive.
    Coach Collection 004.jpg
  7. Great pic and thanks for posting! I love that color!
  8. Awwww! Now I need to find someone going to Vegas. That's a good price for it!
  9. love the color
  10. I was at the leesburg outlet yesterday. they had some patchworks(in brown & purple shade), zebra prints hobos in bigger size(they were $595 retail but now for $240). Hamptons black hobos for 50% off so they were no more than $60~$70 which was great! Those are some of the ones I looked at. They also had lots of accesories such as ipod cases, dog collars only for $29 and wallets...etc. You should definitely check it out!