what colors are currently available in the bow?

  1. hi miumiu lovers!

    im trying to figure out what colors are currently available in the bow!

    i know there's black, pink, dark brown...a light grey and a dark grey?

    does anyone know where the darker grey color can still be found? i don't want to order the wrong item! i've only see the lighter grey at Saks and on Barneys i believe. but no sign of the darker color! thanks!!
  2. The lighter grey is called Alluminio. They still have that available in many stores. As for the darker grey (which I have have :p), called Fumo, it's sold out in the U.S. I called all Barneys and the two Miu Miu boutiques in New York. The boutiques told me there were not getting anymore since it's not a new color.
  3. Sorry, mispost. ;)
  4. think there's an off-white or beige too?
  5. DO any of you ladies know where I can purchase the grey bow online? (light or dark- doesnt matter! thanks!
  6. I saw the gray, black and nude-ish tan pink today at Saks in store. Pretty!
  7. wow... could you tell me which saks it was? tia:smile:
  8. yeah, pls tell us!!! I called alot of saks and for some reason they all said that the large is not avail in pink!! there are several mua/tpfers here got the large pink from saks. I'm very worried now!!!
  9. I saw a black and pink bow Miu Miu at the S.F. Saks store on Friday. I hope it is still there. Good luck in finding one.
  10. I also saw a black one at the Palo Alto, CA Neiman Marcus on Saturday.
  11. [​IMG]

    This is the Talco (off white) for the autumn winter
  12. Off white (talco) was on sale at BF for $600. It was sold out in literally a few seconds. I had to call BF to have them locate one for me and it was worth it!

    :smile: But I haven't used it yet since my daily uniform of dark jeans will lead to color transfer!

    I'm still looking for the bow satchel in nudo!
  13. linpaddy: What is BF?
  14. So sorry for the typo. I meant Bergdorf Goodman (BG) not BF.