What colors are available in Paris now? help!!

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  1. hello everyone,
    A good friend of mine is going to Paris next week and volunteered to help me get a Bal bag there. In order to make it easy for her (although I think she is going to spend most of her time shopping anyway), I would like to know what colors are most likely to be available so I can make a her a wish list.
    I am looking for a city, twiggy or a PT in regular hardware. I really like the Galet from previous season, is that still a possibility?
    I live in North CA, and have checked the only two places in SF that has Balenciaga. They have very limited collection and is not very helpful in general.
    I would really appreciate any input. Thanks!:smile:
  2. Good luck :smile: sorry that I can't help
  3. Hi, I live in Paris and bought a B. Bag yesterday ! I have good news for you :smile:
    I know what they have in our 2 big Department Stores (Printemps and Galeries Lafayette, which are on the same boulevard). They have a lot of colors actually

    - At Printemps : they have a Galet City RH for sure ! I saw it yesterday :smile: And I saw a galet RH Partime as well. I know that they have Tempetes bags, Noix bags, because I tried them. But the sales lady told me that the F/W 09 colors won't stay long in the store (around 10 days left). They also have the new colors of course (for example Castagna, Pepeete, Sorbet, Outremer). At Printemps, Balenciaga is on the ground floor.

    - At Galeries Lafayette, it's important to know that there are 2 Balenciagas (groundfloor AND First Floor), so ther's one more chance.
    At Galeries Lafayette, I remember Sang, Ciel (sky blue), Pourpre, Black, Noix, Tempete, Raisin...
    There is a Balenciaga Store close to the Champs Elysées, but I didn't go there, so I don't know what they have. But if a model is not available at Printemps for example, they can check immediately on the computer if your dream bag is available in another store in Paris, so that's great. Good luck !! :biggrin:
  4. You could try emailing Balenciaga George and enquire about the colors on your wishlist - the email address is Boutique10gv@fr.balenciaga.com :flowers:
  5. has anyone seen Black Work in GGH anywhere?? i am desperately looking for one...
  6. WOW, you guys are awesome!! Merci, French75 & Pigen!!
    Now I need to choose from city and PT...another hard choice
  7. balenciaga.com has some
  8. I'm new here, so I can't start a new thread, but I'm in the same situation, so I'm using this old thread, could someone please help me?

    A cousin of mine is going to Paris next week and she is gonna buy me a Balenciaga there, my question is:

    What colors are most likely to be available so I can make a her a wish list?

    I want a City with Regular Hardware.

    Please, help me! =)
  9. I came back from Paris a few weeks ago and bought a Bal First in Rose Thulian at the Printemps Department Store. They only had the black and grey when I went for the Bal First. I would suggest buying it at one of their main stores because when I wanted to exchange it for a Bal City when I got back to NYC, they told me they could only do that if my bag was from one of their main stores and not from a department store. Naturally, I was pissed.
  10. I wouldn't be happy either. =/
    Thank you for letting me know!