What colors are always available for the Chanel Classic Jumbo Flap Caviar?

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  1. Hi! Does anyone know what colors are always available? I'm looking to get Black, White or Ivory, and Red. A bright red though but still a real red.

    Are any pinks available? Such as the Hot pink or Bubblegum Pink in the Jumbo Caviar? Thanks for all your help!
  2. i think black and beige only.
  3. black for sure, not sure if it is ivory or beige which is the other color that is a classic. i want a red one too. :smile:
  4. Only black.
  5. Currently I've been seeing black and white. Good luck with your find.
  6. I've seen a beige one in Dublin.
  7. I know black and white for 100% sure
  8. beige in thailand. :smile:
  9. black and white in spain
  10. they always have black, beige and white at the store. some colors come sometimes but it get sold fast.
  11. ^^yep, always black, beige, and white.
  12. Thanks for bringing up this question, disasterbarbie. I want to get a Jumbo Flap Caviar besides the basic black, white, and beige.
  13. Black and white..