What colors and styles are you thinking of getting for Fall 06'??

  1. I bet this has been posted already, but I'm curious to see what everyone is leaning towards.

    If I can't find a older rouge first in the next few months, I'll get a new one.
    And I want another city, not sure what color yet? Dark, for sure...

    colors are here at the top of the page
  2. oh and in case anyone is wondering, "sapin" should be a green, dark obviously since you can't tell from the photos. Sapin is "spruce tree" in French.
  3. I really want truffle and maybe something in grenat (or garnet)!!! I just can't wait to see the fall colors IRL!
  4. I love truffle and grenat... Maybe in this new style..
  5. I think I would be leaning toward the new red, (dont know the real name) thats coming this fall. Im not sure I'm really to fond of the rest of the colors yet.
  6. I'm looking forward to a rouge First or grenat City but I think I can only buy one. :cry: I want all of them!! :lol:
  7. I don't think I'll be buying any but I like the red best!
  8. yhassan!
    did ya decide on a color yet?:biggrin:
  9. I think so! I'm pretty sure (as of now!) I am wanting the green! Even though it did not win in the poll....it was the colr that made me 1st love Balenciaga so I figured it must have been for a reason! So I think I am going to have to buy it fast before I change my mind again!
  10. I'm really liking the Sapin and Rouge Vif--also Bleu Roi. I would love one of each colour in the Purse, City and First. HAH! Being more realistic, maybe a Purse (although I have never seen one of those in person--maybe they're a legend) and a City, in Sapin or Rouge Vif.
  11. I'll get a rouge twiggy because I want to try a new style but until fall it's a pretty long time so it might well be that I get a totally different brand.
  12. Great choice!
    It was my first Bbag also, and of all the bags I have sold and am selling, I just cant let it go. Dont think I ever will. Funny because it was the only bag I couldnt get out of my mind after seeing Cristinas. Please post your proud pics. when you get your apple:biggrin: ;)
  13. I'm going to go for the Grenat (which if following the true French word, should be a nice rich Burgundy/Wine color). I think that would really rock in one of the new Courier styles ... what do you think walking down the Champs d'Elysees?!?!
  14. I'm waiting to see what the Rouge Red looks like IRL when it hits the sales floor. Hopefully it'll be as nice as the rouge red from '04......in which case I'll definitely get the City. Also hoping that they return to the old leather for fall. Anyone knows anything about that (whether they're for sure switching back to the old leather)? Will they raise the price on the bags by any chance?
  15. The rouge vif looks :love: I'd love a city in that color.

    yhassan - Go for the apple green! :nuts: It's an awesome color for a B-bag.