What colors and sizes must have in your collection

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  1. Mine:

    Black: m/l lamb and jumbo caviar
    White: m/l caviar
    Beige : jumbo caviar

    The beige is on waiting list

    4 of Chanel are enough............ for now :P

    + 11 Louis

    oh, I forgot 3 Chanel sunglasses

    1. black/ white/black
    2. black/gold/beige
    3. black/silver/black
  2. it's in my signature:biggrin:
  3. Depends on how much you can really afford.

    I'd say black, red, white, beige and silver are the must have colors.
  4. I have black, red, green, brown, white, beige, navy, grey and grey metallic in my collection and am really happy and content for now. All are jumbos, maxis, classic totes or flaps of some sort.

    I feel really blessed and very lucky!
  5. Dear Ceya,

    I see that you have m/l lambskin in black and jumbo caviar in black. I have a m/l black lambskin and deciding between the GST and the jumbo but was leaning towards the GST as I thought I would use it more. Would I better off returning the GST and keeping the jumbo? Which bag do you think will appreciate more over time?
  6. sorry, don't mean to pry, but absolutely the flap! its the best classic chanel there is! besides, jumbo is enough to fit an ipAd :graucho: ...ok that's silly :biggrin:
  7. so mine... black, beige, gray & red...

    as for size, its a personal preference... in any case, my 3 must-have blacks: jumbo cav, m/l lamb & reissue 226. last 2 still in the worx :shame:
  8. black caviar jumbo and med/large ( serve different purpose) one for day, one for nite or formal
    white or beige caviar jumbo or med flap. ( or both in different size).
    red jumbo caviar
    grey and navy flaps. 1 woc, and 1 tote.
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    Hello Clover,

    Yes, return the GST. The jumbo would be definitely my choice for keeping.
  10. Yes. You surely are blessed!

    I am not colorful person. Most of my clothing are black and white.

    Therefore, black, white and beige purses would be satisfy me :P
  11. hmmm
    mine will be

    black caviar jumbo with either silver or gold hardware...
    mini flap any colors (black, beige, red, white)
    Small caviar classic flap (most ppl look good with m/l but mine is small).
    reissue 226 either black or gray...(that's my next target to buy).
    also, I like reissuue camera case... black or gray again.
  12. I would say a tote, m/l flap, jumbo flap, and reissue flap would be the must haves in one's collection. Colors, I prefer neutral colors for my bags, so my colors of choice would be black, grey, and beige. I find the jumbos to be rather heavy for me, esp these past few years. So I've been leaning towards the m/l and minis.
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    must haves in my collection -- jumbo caviar flap in black with gold hw, large black reissue camera bag with gh, the gold moscou 2.55 which is great for night and more "special" than my 225 black with gh... but otherwise that too would be up there. next would be colorful flaps! i have the red patent, yellow caviar, metallic grey lamb, and fuschia lamb jumbos and bleu roi maxi. of these, bleu roi maxi probably top of list because it's a different size... metallic grey is very wearable. and i also have red square lamb bag which is very usable and has made me learn to love lamb and not be scared of it. the only two i could relatively easily give up right now are mini metallic pink camera bag... really have not had chance to wear... and mini portobello which the large camera bag has kind of taken over for (sometimes i worry about how casually i wear the camera bag... as though it will last forever! will it??!!??) i could also get rid of 225 if there was something else i really had to have. other than that i am too in love to part with, even for a new proud momma. generally, i think everyone has to have a black flap. and a colorful lamb flap. and a smaller bag that can go night. (formal is a whole other thing) other than that it's a lot of personal preference. i have the large nature flap on order and that might actually eclipse the camera bag for everyday usage... i could always do another colorful lamb flap or purple caviar and i am looking forward to pre-fall! i could not cut must haves back much further right now. if it was a matter of necessity i would. flaps are must haves--it's personal whether you do lamb/caviar/ghw/silver etc etc and whether it's bright or beige...
  14. Must have colors (neutrals):
    Black (first and foremost as it goes with everything) If one were a minimalist, one could do just fine with black and save a hell of a lot of cash. *) But since you're here as a tpf'er the list of neutrals continues:

    Red (but be selective; they're really hit or miss)

    *I used to fall into minimalist before tpf existed and was none the wiser. I'll say it's was great until prices started rising faster than you can bat your eyelashes.
  15. So far:

    Black caviar maxi with SHW

    Dark blue lamb maxi with SHW


    Red patent Chevron Jumbo with SHW

    Bronze 227 reissue

    Faded handpainted pink 227 reissue (trying to find out what this colour looks like but it sounds great!!)

    Will definitely grab if I see it:
    10C red lamb maxi or caviar
    blue roi lamb maxi or caviar
    Dark silver 227 reissue