What color?


Dec 22, 2015
Last year I got a leather jacket in blush pink that I absolutely love. However I struggle to decide what color bag to wear with it and I always wear it with black. I'm really looking forward to spring this year and would like to move away from black for a while. Which color bag could go well with the blush pink leather jacket?


Jun 18, 2012
Blush is almost a neutral so you have a ton of options: white, burgundy, grey, cream, taupe, navy, chocolate, teal/turquoise, a deeper pink with the same undertones, soft metallics and any pastel with the same level of saturation like a pale mint or baby blue.

Try searching wedding photos with the search term "blush pink" and look at the images. You will see how brides have paired the color with a literal rainbow of other colors. Certain combos will jump out at you and you'll know how you'll want to wear your jacket.

Please share modeling pictures when you find the right bags.
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