what color??

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  1. I'm planning on getting the abbey, but I am torn between the 2 colors. I like the platinum leather trim alot better then the dark brown trim, but I don't like the interior of the platinum trimmed one. I prefer the dark brown one. But then I also have a couple of other gucci's with the same color combo and I want something a little different... I don't know what color to get :confused1: I've been looking for the platinum trimmed one with a more subtle interior, but I haven't been able to find one in toronto :crybaby: I don't even know if it's available?? What do you think? Should I just get the platinum trimmed one and hope that the interior "grows" on me, or should I just get the dark brown trimmed one?? :s
  2. what about the off white trim? i don't like the interior lining of the gucci cruise bags either which turned me off to the platinum. but the off white is at least a light color like the platinum and i loooove it more than the dark brown.
  3. babyhart thanx for the advice. I haven't been able to see the off white trim in the abbey, everyone only seems to have the dark brown and the platinum... :sad: I think I might just get the platinum :confused1:
  4. The platinum Abbey rocks!!! I have it, and LOVE it. I so reccomend the platinum one just because its something fresh and new.

    Good luck on your decision!
  5. I'm also wondering how "safe" is the bag? I'm worried because the top of the purse doesn't have a zipper or anything that actually "closes" the bag. I'm just worried that if I put it down somewhere or if I'm running after my 4 year old, my things are going to fall out??