what color?

  1. My SA just called to say that she can get me a slim flap in:


    I've seen the black and the whiskey. Never the natural, I've seen camel in some other bags.

    Any suggestions as to what color I should order? Does anyone have a natural bag they can post a pic of so that I can see the color?

    decisions, decisions, decisions...
  2. Personally I like the natural quite a bit.. the whiskey is nice, some can have orangey tints to them... both the natural and the whiskey will scratch but can be easily rubbed out and that is what the look is for. The black will be more forgiving. You really can't go wrong with any I dont' think, it's just a matter of personal preference.. if scratches will bother you, definately get the black.. if not, go for something different! :tup:
  3. I say black or camel. The camel is gorgeous...here's a pic of my Legacy shoulder bag in camel. Its "natural" with a touch of butter. Best way to describe.......if you look under " Coach reference" and then in the thread "post your legacy here" someone is modeling the slim tote in natural...just so you can do a comparison..
  4. for reference, here are some pics of the natural color that have been posted here before:
  5. :p
    was going to post a question..but it was answered ........nevermind!!!
  6. black
  7. I just prefer the way the black looks in the slim flap over the others, though camel would be my next choice.
  8. Camel is beautiful!
  9. I say natural or camel because I want something in this color next.
  10. BLACK!!!! It will hide ALL scratches and stains, and look brand new, even when it's old!!!! AND black is VERY easy to maintain :tup: besides looking VERY classy and elegant no matter what you are wearing!!!!
  11. If your planning on getting only ONE, get black, then any of the other three, I would prefer camel.

    Does anyone have the serial # and pic of the slim flap? TIA!!!!
  12. style is 10327
  13. and here is the pic .. it's just like the ali, only not as wide

  14. I love the camel...