What color you would like LV to produce next in Epi line?

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  1. :rolleyes: For me .... I will absolutely buy if LV will launch the baby pink and baby blue color. :love: It would be cute for me in speedy style and small accessories like wallet. ( I don't think it will suit with other style)

    In the past I bought only red epi. It is the only color that I like.

    How about you?
  2. I wish they had green again!! I love that color!
  3. I would love a nice dark teal shade!
  4. piiiiink!
  5. purple
  6. Purple, yes! esp. on a Soufflot.
  7. All the colors mentioned, I agree with, especially light pink!!!
  8. a framboise pink color
    Deep purple. lilac was ugly imo
  9. Fuchsia~~~:idea:
  10. ITA :nuts: ...but I'd also like it if they had a different green, too.

  11. :love:
  12. I agree light pink and light blue.
  13. Pink for sure!! Pink forever! :heart:
  14. Pink! Light pink, dark pink, mauve-ish pink

  15. Definitely pink. Possibly a purple, darker than lilac though.