What color would you love a Reissue in??

  1. I would love to see a Reissue in a Distressed Chocolate Brown! Or maybe a Blush color!

    How about you?
  2. Hope this is where I should post his Swanky.... Maybe the SA will take note and pass it on!
  3. Reissue Bordeaux
  4. yes, i'd love to see it in blush, dark brown, and light olive.

  5. You have that beautiful Bordeaux color ...lucky you. I would love to come across one.
  6. :drool:metallic distressed chocolate brown!!yum yum !
  7. Dark brown (like the bubble quilt one) would be awesome...
  8. ITA!! i hope one day will come dark brown reissue.. :nuts:

  9. Yes, chocolate, milk chocolate or even dark chocolate hmm -- and for once gold hardware -- warm and warm tones equal nirvana (rip Kurt).
  10. I'd like to see an eggplant color, or a nice warm toned burnt orange color. Also a medium blue color (like a blue jeans color) would be nice.
  11. I want a navy with gold hardware!! Dreaming and hoping this'll actually come true for spring 08!
  12. YES I will love to see a reissue in chocolate dark brown:nuts:
  13. Thanks for all the replies.......Chanel needs a suggestion box!
    Although I love the distressed/Chrome Hearts feel that Karl Lagerfeld has put on the handbag line!
  14. ITA!!! :tup: either that or Karl should start checking tpf, LOL!