What color would you choose in a day?

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  1. If you could choose out off all the colors that Bal has ever made what color or colors do you think would look great in a day/hobo?

    Part of me thinks that blue india would look great in the color with jeans. I also think the natural or argyle would be great as well.

    Opinions please???:graucho:
  2. Blue India sounds so great...or maybe a brown one ...
  3. BI is pefect in the Day.
    i have a BI City and i actually wish that i got the Day in BI instead.
    whatever color you choose, the Day is a really nice bag...it fits a ton, but it still holds it's shape very well with almost nothing in it
  4. i have a BI Day and i think it's one of the prettiest colors. :shame:

    but i also think that the softest pink in the day is pretty too but i'm worried about yellowing.

    and ice blue in a day. though i did see a truffel in the Day and that was nice too and a greige.

    i'm no help am i?!?! :P
  5. OLIVE DAY... i've seen the other girls' olive city which were so pretty!
  6. Oh my gosh, meemie the blue india looks incredible in the Day. NM Scottsdale had one 2 weeks ago that I went back and looked at 3 days in a row. The leather was smooth, thick and tdf! It was absolutely gorgeous. But I didnt buy it. And I'm kicking myself for it now.

    I personally would love a pink day or ink or the new marine blue. I just got my first Day bag a few days ago (black) and I love it and I want more. gimme, gimme, gimme!:love:
  7. You girls are no help!! I am still waiting on my newest B-bag and here I am being tempted again.

    So do you think they still have BI days available in the stores?? I don't know why but I think that is a great color for the shape of this bag.

    Although Olive....hmmmm
  8. temptation MEEMIE... u just can't stop hehe.

    Maybe aloharag? they sent me a PDF file of their catalog, i saw a BI day attached w/ the email...
  9. I know someone with Blue Roi/Blueberry, Ink, and Black. The Blueberry is :love:
  10. I LOVE the black & white damask in the Day and was lucky enough to get on[​IMG]e. It's a real beauty!
  11. oops! Sorry for the HUGE pic. Don't know what happened.:shame:
  12. i know AR had a BI day 2 weeks ago and also Bal NY had 2 when I was there about 3.5 weeks ago. so there were definitely a few out there a few weeks ago...not sure about now but i'd call around!! i got mine at Susan in Burlingame, CA but they only had one.

    i posted a pic of my BI day on me..i think it's a really lovely color for a Day. But i have seen a bunch of Days on ebay that are beautiful too. so really i think most of the colors look wonderful in this style!!
  13. mm... I'd LOVE to have an ink day or a blueberry day! I'll have the ink in another style so the blueberry day is definitely on my list. LOVE it!
  14. 0o0o a day in BLUEBERRY or BI would be simply WONDERFUL or even MAGENTA!
  15. My next Bal has to be a Day in Grenat or Bordeaux. :love: