What color would you choose for the DAY?

  1. After trying the black day at the store weeks ago, i find myself falling deeper into loving this design.

    I'm wondering what colors would be good for everyday wear and i won't have to worry about matching. I'm usually in neutral colors and jeans.

    That being said, the black is really tempting, but it seems the sahara and perhaps even red is looking to be a great color for a day bag.:p

    So many colors to choose from! :confused1:Chime in how you feel!
  2. I love the Day bag in bright colors but if you need some thing neutral then you need to choose dark colors. I used to have a Black Day and i loved it. I kind of miss it now. :sad:How about a Tomato Day?:drool:
  3. Nanaz, i have a thing for red bags. I've always wanted one.

    A tomato day is beyond delicious. i'm not sure if i can still find them in stores. I feel i'm sorta deciding between red and black. Sahara is lovely, but for everyday, it may get dirty in a heartbeat.
  4. Yay!! I love the day style!! I have rouge theatre and cinnamon that I alternate between for daily use... I highly recommend both :biggrin: A tomato is on my hitlist in the future. ;) I also *love* the blues... I would love to get an indigo or ocean, both are dark and good for daily use IMHO.

    You won't regret the Day style, I'm sure of it!
  5. Yea, i wouldn't do Sahara. :nogood:Have you seen the Thyme Day yet? i saw it at NM and it is lovely. I think you should still be able to find a Tomato Day. Try NM or Barney's. :yes:
  6. Well- if it was the only Day I'd ever own--- I'd pick 04 Marron (does this exist?) and if that was impossible- then F/W 07 Mogano :yes:
  7. What about a French Blue Day with GGH? :love: Or a Violet Day with RH or GSH I think they would look pretty :biggrin:
  8. I agree w/ Nanaz...
    Tomato SGH Day has been one of my HG since I saw one :drool:
    I think this combo with this HW is just beautiful..*cf South of Paris' bag

    I think Day is pretty in a pop up colour though Black in GGH is also striking..
  9. Hi Alaska! It's great to see you again! I'm flipping through the day club photos and i must say the 05 choco brown would look stunning in a day! I've not yet seen an 04 Marron Day. Does anyone have pics of the 07 Mogano?
  10. luna - i just posted a picture of EB and Thyme Day in another thread. Check them out and see what you think. :smile: But i still say go for the Tomato.:tup:
  11. Nanaz - That EB in that saturation is stunning! Some other pics of 08 EB looks like FB to me. I wonder if it's just my screen.
  12. I've called every NM that carries Bal in the past two days, no tomato days :crybaby:

    Here is my cinnamon/mogano day::love:

    cinnamon day 1.jpg

    cinnamon day 2.jpg

    cinnamon day 3.jpg

  13. The Day style didn't come out until Spring 2005. Before that it was the ring handle hobo. So I think you would be looking for a ghost bag...
  14. [​IMG]

    this is so perfect!!!!!!! Hey Luna! I hope you find the perfect Day!
  15. ladybug- I thought so.... but wouldn't that be one heck of a pretty ghost bag!!