What color would you buy in GH B-Bag?

  1. I'm planning to buy B-Bag with Giant Hardware
    Thinking about either work or brief in Natural
    Just wanna know other opinion:shrugs:
  2. The Brief in Naturel w GH was the first GH bag I saw IRL, and it's perfect. Nothing else comes close, IMO.

    If I were to go GH, that's exactly what I would get.
  3. Natural Brief in GH is gorgeous, but in that style and hardware I've fallen in love with marine. There's one at HN in Leeds that I keep popping in to drool over.
  4. Natural looks good with the GH

    I'm not a huge fan... yet (I think the GH may grown on me?) but think it compliments the Natural superbly...
  5. I actually prefer the Work.. but it might just be that I love that style avyway! I still think it depends on the rest of your wardrobe! I envy all the girls who can pull off the brief (seems to be everyone except for me:p), and you are probably one of them!

    I absolutely LOVE the colour!! And I think it's definately one of the BEST colours with GH!
  6. NATURAL!! I just got this bag and it is absolutely breathtaking! The gold is so gorgeous with this color (I'm afraid it would be a tad blah with the regular hardware). The color reminds me a lot of Greige but I know when the two colors are together, they do look different. It's kind of like Greige with a slight green undertone. But like Greige, sometimes it looks grey, sometimes it looks beigey-light khaki. After I ordered it, I was very apprehensive but now that I have it I am absolutely :drool::love:
  7. The natural and marine are perfect IRL! Go with your first instinct! Natural would be really versatile with black or brown and color.
  8. I'm loving the truffle, natural, and cafe with the GH. I am wondering how the argile will look - that might look awesome, too.
  9. I would get the Brief in either Black or Natural :yes:
  10. My fave so far is Cafe with GH out of all the GHs I've seen so far. Something about the gold offsetting the deep intense brown.. super gorgeous!
  11. I like Marine and Naturel the most with the GH. I would personnaly go with a Marine Work- I just love the contrast on that one!:love: Hope you find the one you love and post pics please!:yes:
  12. The work in Natural!!
  13. I just ordered the brief today in both natural gh and truffle gh - am I crazy or what????!!!!:nuts: I also have it in the day in grass green. They all look so pretty.
  14. I think the Cafe goes really well with the gold as well:smile:
  15. I think you should go for the brief in Cafe! It's a really pretty combination with the GH! :smile: