what color would be described as "butterscotch"?

  1. when i called nm, the sales lady said the color of a paddy they had was a creamy, "butterscotch-y" color. what color do you think she meant by that?

  2. My first thought was tan but I guess it could be jaune or mais too...? :p
  3. hmm if they have it in the store, wouldnt that mean the color has to be one from 2007?

    i thought those colors were older? correct me if im wrong, im still new to chloe :smile:
  4. yeah .. first thing that came to my mind is mais too.

    or something that a bit darker than mais but in the similar shade of yellow-ish.
  5. Why don't you ask her to read the color code on the tag? then we can decipher and you know exactly what you're gonna get.

    I think they should have some kinda code on every tag.
  6. i called back and the sales lady told me it said 'tan' on the bag.

    i really love that color, but i was under the impression it was an older color?
  7. she called "tan" creamy butterscotch? I have a tan bag and it's no where near butterscotch. But a tan paddy, now that sounds yummy (like butterscotch).:p

    If you pass on the bag, would you post the contact info so a tpf-er (like me) can grab it? TIA
  8. Tan paddys were in both 05 and 06 collections :yes: It's pretty classic colour and goes with everything :tup:

  9. so its normal for a store to still carry that color?
  10. Yes I've seen some tan paddys left in some stores, but propably now they're getting more rare :yes:
  11. Tan.. yummy... sounds wonderful! :smile:
  12. I've had Neiman's call jaune sunflower. More gold. Butterscotch sounds dark for mais....