What color Work do you have or want?

  1. Ladies,

    I am trying to decide on the color for a work. I am torn between pratical colors that goes with everything, i.e. black, truffle, camel, or bold colors that make a statement.

    Can you tell me what color your Work is, or what it would have been if you were to purchase one?
  2. i always wanted a work in bold colours like blues or reds
  3. Blueberry might be a good color for the work...not too subdued, not too loud either. Love that color so much!
  4. I have a precioussssss Grenat Work:love: !!!
    I was looking for a big bag in a dark colour (to prevent from being dirty),
    but not to dark...
    Work Grenat 3 F06.jpg Work Grenat  F06.jpg
  5. I want a Black work. I think it is so versatile.
  6. I have a truffle and a greige. They pretty much go with anything.
  7. SAPIN - love this bag - it gets better everyday, and I can wear it with most everything!
  8. Ink!
  9. I have a Truffle work.
    I would love to have a blue work...
  10. I've got a BLUEBERRY work, but I havent even used it yet! hehehe! *shame*
  11. I have pale pink, rouge theatre, cornflower blue, and sapin Work bags. Love them all too!! :heart:
  12. ^^^I didn't know you had a pale pink work! It must be gorgeous! It's now on my wish list!
  13. esiders,

    First I am green with envy :love: But I've got to ask the hard question. If you could only keep one of them which one would it be?
  14. welp, i've got an origan work & a black work & i love them to pieces :love:
  15. :wtf: It would be either rouge_theatre or sapin.

    Yes I have one...but it's one of the pale pink bags that has changed into a beige-y color. I'm giving it to my sister for her birthday next year...she loves the color, despite the weirdness. :shame:
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