What color vernis?!


Which Vernis Lexington do I get?!

  1. Bronze

  2. Beige

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  1. :hysteric:

    my family thinks (at least the males) that instead of spending all this money on handbags I should go to therapy for my addiction to handbags

    but i think handbags are a better investment :smile:

    anyway, I have found 2 vernis lexington's at about 1/3 or the retail price and i just can't make up my mind which color to get!



    PLEASE help before I drive myself nuts :smile:
  2. I like the beige better:yes:
  3. i like beige
  4. Uh oh, I actually prefer the bronze! I think it is a more striking color. Which one are you leaning towards right now?
  5. Bronze without a doubt.
  6. i like the bronze but i'm also more partial to darker vernis colors so that if it fades it is less obvious... some ppl have problems with the color fading.... and beige would probably turn to yellow. URGH!
  7. i think i'm leaning to beige because I'm thinking about a monogram canvas pochette eventually and the bronze would be too close in color?

    that being said, I know there's been a lot of color transfer issues with the lighter vernis colors....

    so i don't know anymore ;)
  8. I like the color beige better, however the bronze may be a better pick (would not have to be so careful with it). Maybe you can get both?
  9. bronze!
  10. I love the bronze, but I favor darker bags.
  11. Bronze absolutely !!!!!!!!!! I think it will keep it's color better and not get as dirty, and no color transfer since it is darker.
  12. I'm a big bronze fan. :biggrin:
  13. Bronze is my all time, hands down, fav vernis.......:drool: :love:
  14. Beige, in the summer it may make you look more tanned than the bronze if that's a concern.
  15. I love Bronze!