what color tops with brown tall boots


Nov 12, 2006
I have a fabulous pair of brown wedge ferragamo boots. The top is suede with a medium brown in the middle. Goes to below the knee. I love the boots but just not sure how to make them look their best.

I want to wear with jeans but here is my question--must I wear a top with brown in it? Doesn't brown go with anything? Can I wear any color top (like navy, etc.) and just add the brown boots? I assume I can wear them with skinny or jeggings but is a long top too much with long boots?(I hope this makes sense)

Any pics of tall brown boots with an outfit much appreciated. Yes I am clueless. Thanks ladies.


May 21, 2009
Please put them on and try things on from your wardrobe. You do not have to wear a top with brown in it, in fact, a brown top might chop your body up.

You don't have to wear jeans but if you do I would keep them dark wash. Black tight pants will also look great as will leggings. A long top may or may not work depending on the proportions. Don't forget you can also wear them over dark opaque tights with shorts or under a dress.

Maybe you might like to post different options and get opinions on what looks best, or how to style up what you have, but there is no substitute for trial and error in front of a mirror here.


Need for speed
Aug 20, 2009
How tall are you? I love the way navy looks with brown...I would just avoid bold patterns and grey, yellow, orange and warm reds as they will detract from the lush suede texture of the boots.


I·R 1/f
Feb 2, 2010
I love brown because it goes so well with everything, even black. Agree with 5elle on darkwash jeans, though ivory would look good just as well.

You'll probably want loosely fitted tops that hit around your hip line.

la miss

May 4, 2007
Dusty rose - there is usually a slight brownish undertone and it works well with brown leather

Mustard - Same reason. There is usually a slightly sienna tint to dark mustards that picks up brown very well.

Cream, Taupe, Tea-stain, and Putty will also work quite well with brown.


Sep 14, 2009
Depending on the shade of brown, I also love rusty colours and burgundy with brown.


Oct 7, 2008
I have a pair of warm brown boots that I wear with dark skinnies and pretty much any top. I think they look best with jewel-tone tops, like dark teal, maroon, dark purple, etc. I have a black V-neck sweater than even looks good with them.

As for trying stuff on, I find that I get a better idea of how it looks if it put it on and take a picture of the outfit, rather than just look in the mirror. That seems to be a common idea for a lot of people on here though! :smile: