What color tops can I wear w/these uggs?

  1. If I get them should I just stick with solid color shirts?

  2. black gray and white solids of course. and tops those colors with a little print or graphic is ok but nothing too crazy since the boots are so flashy themselves.
  3. Where did you find these? Aren't they sold out?
  4. these are from www.uggaustralia.com and they still have a few sizes left. =)
  5. I loved the grey solid UGGs they had out at the beginning.. but those are cute too!

    What I REALLY love from them now are those metallic tall ones! :drool:
  6. I think rich plums, emerald greens or purples would go nicely with those.
  7. the metallics are so hot!
  8. solid darks.