What color toes?

  1. So I'll be in vegas this weekend and plan to wear these shoes with a gold sequin-y dress(I promise the dress is way cuter on), but I'm really stumped on what color toenail polish. I'm a red/pink sort of girl, which definitely seems like a terrible I idea with these shoes. I was thinking maybe a french manicure or blue?!? Any other thoughts? [​IMG]
    1396-539576-p.jpg 39073334760_lg.jpg
  2. I'd go with chins4's idea of plum or if you are feeling a bit rock chick then go for black or very dark grey/anthracite
  3. I think because the shoes are vibrtaint that nail polish will take that away and be too busy looking . I think you should go for a a pale pink hue frence tip which will enhance the shoes.. some thing along the lines of this

  4. My main concern with a plum is that I wouldn't be able to find the right shade that works well with the shoes. I like the idea of gold, but once again, I worried about it being the right shade-- I feel like with either it would be a case of too matchy-matchy or just off enough so it doesn't work. I kind of like the idea of black or a grey- but I would want something with a golden undertone.
    Thanks for the ideas!
  5. I always just have french on my toes, means then that people can look at my lovely shoes instead of my nail varnish! lol


    p.s i love that dress! post modelling pics!
  6. I'd go with french. I think it's classy and matches with everything.
  7. I would do either a french or a pale pink or beige, something netural so you don't take away from the outfit!
  8. definitely french
  9. french for sure!
  10. i would say either a really nice burgandy/ plum or a light pink. sorry, i might be the only person who's not a fan of french manicures on toes.
  11. I'd go with a Rouge Noir...
  12. French or black
  13. totally agree
  14. Because procrastination is so much more fun than homework I tried out some different options last night.
    The french was ok, but I didn't love the white lines with the line details on the shoes. It was far more distracting than I expected. I'm black, so the stark contrast of the white was quite pronounced.
    I also tried a golden-ish brown, which is close to a neutral to my skin and it seemed that the only way it would work is if it was the exact same gold as the piping.
    I tried a deep red and that was a definite no.
    I also tried bright pink, which didn't go, but think that a random bright like (blue or green) might work. I haven't figured out accessories, but I'm thinking that picking out a bracelet/earrings in the same color as my toes might help tie in a random color.
    If you're in the bay area, you might see a crazy person standing in the nail polish aisle with a pair of heels. That will be me, so feel free to say hello! :roflmfao: