What color to get- help.

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  1. I am on the list at Chloe for a cream paddington (also on the NM pre order just in case, but they said I will be getting it). Now that I see there is a website that has tan ones available (in jan.) I am not usre which to get. I think the cream looks so good when I see it in magazines online but the tan looks good too. I wear a lot of pinks so I was thinking cream. But now i can not deciede. Does the white get dirty? IS everyone happy w their cream? Any advice?
  2. From the posts you have written, I think you will take care of the cream and it would be like lightening struck if it really got dirty! It's in your hands and you take great care of your bags. You should go for the cream if you wear alot of pink, you will enjoy it!
  3. i was in love with the tan but when i saw a few people on the street carrying the cream it was gorgeous!! i would definatly get the cream .. in the mini size :smile: