what color to get for the FIRST?! pics please!

  1. i want to buy the first either in red, turquoise or yellow.. WHCIH COLOR SHOULD I PICK?!!! i don't know!! any pics to justify which color is kikass-licious one?!
  2. What sort of colours do you wear most often? Do you prefer bags that 'pop' or give an understated accent to your outfit?
  3. Rouge Vif or Blueberry :biggrin: at the moment, i love these 2 colours...
  4. Rouge vif I just love my RV :love: !
  5. You will have to wait a long time of ebay and pay a lot of money for yellow.
  6. Ink, Rouge, and lilac are my fav color...:P
  7. Here's my little Miss Ruby to give you some inspiration. :P
    IMG_1457sm.jpg IMG_1458sm.jpg
  8. I :heart: your red first Helenc! Such nice leather!

    I have to recommend the red then, Baglover. :P
  9. Red!
  10. The only color on your list that is currently available is red. So unless you want to toil endlessly on eBay to find one of the others, go with red. ;)
  11. they have tuquoise on aloharag, but i d k.. does anyone have turquoise?
  12. By turquoise, do you mean the Blue India? It does look really Turquoise-y in the Aloha Rag photo...