what color to choose from:

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Which color would be better for me

  1. orange/rouille (sp?)

  2. lilac

  3. rogue vif

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I plan to buy another city. Unfortunately, the rouge vif is sold out again!!

    I am in my mid 30s, quite modern and always in jogging pants or jeans, am 5"5"' and skinny, help me choose which color would suit me......

    I only have these colors to choose from,.......

    Rouile/ orange (sp?)
    or just wait for another batch of
    rouge vif?
  2. Good luck, I'm sure all would be great on you, but went with lilac.
  3. of all the choices, i love lilac the most..it's a more neutral color and soooo pretty :smile:
  4. i like the rouge vif.:love:
  5. I like the orange / rouille.
  6. I love my RV it has much nicer leather than the 06 lilac even if this color is beautiful as well, rouille is a very deep and warm orange I had a city in that color but I do prefer RV so that's why it had to go.
    I think powderpuff still has her RV city for sale (It was posted in "Achtung")...it's beautiful I would check it out.
  7. rouille :love: its looks so unique!! thats why i would've chosen it :yes:
  8. of the 3 i love the lilac the most- it's the one I have, but it sounds like you want the RV a lot! Maybe wait for that or get the new vermillion?
  9. I think the Rouille would go great with jeans.
  10. I voted for the lilac, because its a truly gorgeaus color!! But I tend to be a bit biased when it comes to colors since, everything I own is like lilac/purple *meaning, every accessory in my room haha*
  11. i love the rouille, it matches so much, not to bright, not too orange. I am not a huge fan of pinky/purple colors. I had to decide between rouge vif and rouille and love my rouille!
  12. lilac is pretty!
  13. I say get the Rouille :yes: I love it! Or if you can get your hands on a 04 lilac (mauve?).... I like it a lot more than the 06 :nuts:
  14. aloha rag has a rouge vif city
  15. lilac is pretty but every bag i saw in this color had leather i didn't like. you might find one with leather you like, though. rouge vif is great and i say hold out OR wait for spring 07 vermillion, which is said to be very very close to rouge vif. i have yet to see it in real life, but it photographs slightly orangey. i believe it is a true red from what i have heard from SA's at BalNY and BalParis.