What color to choose for Bbag Day / hobo ? (Greige, black, etc)

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What color would you buy your bbag Day ?

  1. 06 aw Greige (light gray)

  2. white

  3. 06 aw Black

  4. Tan

  5. 06 aw Cafe Brown

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Hi gurls,:heart:

    i just bought a greige day yesterday, but still contemplating if i've made the right choice...coz i'm afraid it'll be hare to keep it clean & afraid it'll yellow...but its reli smooth & smooshy, i love the leather & hate to bring her back :crybaby:

    if you were to choose, what color would you choose for a DAY?:love:

    1. aw 06 Greige
    2. black
    3. 06 cafe brown
    4. tan
    5. white
    will add a pic of the greige day later

    thanks in advance :shame:
  2. which is the tan and cafe brown 06?
  3. I have one in Ink ad one in greige.
    And I think the greige is just amazing!
    If you can I would get a light and a dark colored one (all depends on what bags you have already.
    I really wanted a fall 06 camel day but couldn't find one so ended up with a city in that color.
    It's a great color for the day as well and I'm considering a 07 café day.

    sorry i'm not much help but I think the greige is the most stunning among your choices!

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  4. I voted for cafe, nice and dark and rich and warm.
  5. among your choices...Black :smile:
  6. Catcat: thanks, your greige is amazing...:tender: but is it hard to keep clean? i'm afraid the stitching will be dirty since its light thread... :s

    if i'm happy with the leather (if i do keep the greige day)
    should i use LMB pre-treatment? i'm afraid the stitching is unprotected/uncoated...:confused1:

  7. I agree with catcat !! Just ordered a purse in greige and I think it's one of the best 06-colors, matching with everything :yes: ! But of course the Day also looks perfect in black or cafe brown :s - it depends on your bags (colors) you already have maybe ?!
  8. i find that the black day they have (06 aw) are not pure black, it has a lot of greyish tints to it... at first sight i loved it, coz i thought i looked diff & stands out more when i am in an all black outfit (which is mostly the case).
  9. given the choices you gave, I chose white, but otherwise I'd go for rouge vif or ink
  10. I like black.
  11. I would either pic greige or cafe brown. Both are really pretty colors!
  12. I vote for the dark colors like black and cafe.
  13. firstclass:

    thx~ well i'm just starting my bbag family...;)
    currently i just have rouge vif work, ...greige day... and ink weekender on its way...

    how hard is it to keep light color bbags clean & avoid yellowing?? :shrugs:
  14. there is this gorgeous picture of a fellow PFer here with her day in black, and shes wearing like skinny jeans and a cute black top and she looked so rocker chic.