What color this year is the prettiest?

  1. I`m getting ready to buy my first bag and would like some suggestions as to what are the greatest colors for this year? Also what do you think of Ink?
    Balenciaga sent my a color panel online but its hard to see the colors clearly.Any suggestions?
  2. It's all a matter of opinion but Rouge Vif is a hot seller that a lot of people have fallen for. Ink is from a previous season and is pretty much sold out but you can definitely find a bag if you're determined. It's very pretty! There's a new blue grey coming out any time now and we're all on the edge of our seat to see it!
  3. It's a tough decision!!! What color will you get more use out of?
  4. I love love love my "cement" greige city bag. But I also love my grenat courrier. Cement is perfect because it goes with brown and black, basically everything.
  5. I got me a truffle work and I love it!
  6. i def love my ink and rouge vif and i'm dying to see the blues that are coming out!!
  7. I like Greige and Truffle the best but I always go for the neutrals.
  8. Greige!

    Rouge Vif as 2nd place.
  9. I think I'm in the minority here, but for me it's a tie between blueberry and grenat...they are beautiful jewel tones that can match a lot of other colors!
  10. hmm... from the pre-fall colors, I really like blueberry and rouge vif myself!
  11. def ROUGE VIF for me :yes: :yahoo:
  12. I love grenat and greige. :heart:
  13. I think INK is the most beautiful. I was really interested in all the pictures on the forum that show how the color of ink changes in different lights. It wasn't until I saw one IRL until I could fully appreciate it. I now have a city and courier in ink purchased in the last 2 weeks that are my absolute favorites! BalNY still has ink available.
  14. I second that.
  15. So far for '06 my favorite is Rouge Vif...but Ink is absolutely smashing. The color-change is really cool. In florescent light it was very violet but in the natural light an inky midnight blue.