what color THANKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Hi I dont know the name of the bag but it is distressed cavir leather with mm lock one back one white what color in this bag does everyone like Thanks for the help oh yeah vintage chain and between med and large thanks trying to decide
  2. The black actually looks gray because of the distressed caviar. I love it. To be honest, I love this bag in general and would want one in black, white and brown! LOL
  3. Hi thanks Alot !!!!(lol) it really is a pretty bag do you know if it is always around??? and you r right it is more like a dark grey
  4. no its not always around....if you spotted one, grab it. I am not a person who likes white bags, but in this style, I love it! The Jumbo sells for $2595 and the medium sells for $2275 (plus tax of course). I like the medium in white and the Jumbo in black. I have not seen the east west too often....that one is almost impossible to find in any color, at least at this point. I saw a thread a while back stating that it was going to be around again for fall but with more colors. I hope that to be the case.
  5. are u serious I had no clue -Fran
  6. yes...the bag is more than the regular caviar flaps. You wouldn't think so, right? But the regular Jumbo is $2250, so the Jumbo in this style is $345 more (and with tax it is about $400 more!). I know because I had ordered one (which is now gone by the way)....and then stopped the purchase because of the price. I figured I would wait....and then if I can't take it anymore, I will buy it. But, I am such an impulse buyer that I am trying to take control of it! LOL ...but it is still my favorite bag. I just bought a bag from eBay and got a deal. Maybe one of these will pop up too. (just have to be VERY cautious of authenticity).
  7. Thank you for all your great info
  8. I just bought a medium one in red, its gorgous! I also saw black and white and east west style in white in the boutique, but I think red stands out more! I bought it for AU$3170.
  9. Jupar....I am not sure you are talking about the same bag. As far as I know, right now it only comes in black, brown and white. I will get some pics up here to confirm.
    Can you share pics of yours? :smile:
  10. HI everyone what is this bag called ?? and is it something that comes in once a year ?? sorry for all the silly questions Thanks
  11. Thanks for all the info
  12. Here is the pic :drool: it goes very well with my wardrobe:tup:
  13. OMG Jupar!! You are right and I am SOOOO Wrong! WHAT AN UNBELIEVEABLE COLOR in that bag. I have NEVER seen it before. That color is soooo rich.
    Must look amazing on you.Thank you so much for posting the picture. This whole style is my favorite bag. LOVE IT LOVE IT.
  14. I have the white medium flap with the MM lock and chains, and I absolutely LOVE it (I'm soo happy I exchanged my green perfo E/W for it)!! :love: It is more expensive than the medium classic flaps, at $2275.

    Here is a picture I posted in the In Action thread:


    Here is a pic of the bag by itself :heart::


    I love the soft caviar, and never thought I could buy a white bag haha... but the leather makes it less high maintenance... it really is a fabulous bag!! HTH! :smile: