What color suits the Queen of tPF??

  1. Ok everyone, as you may have noticed, I have been trying to make myself a little more known around Hermes lately. My knowledge base of Hermes is laughable, I know nothing other than the basics (well I may be being hard on myself but I am not KB, HG or any of you other experienced people!!)

    So this year, double-0-seven, is my year for a Birkin. I have decided. But I need to chose a color!!!!! I am only in preliminary stages of thinking, but I need to learn lots more!!!!

    So what could you all see me in?! Everyone has probably seen a picture of me at one point or another... I am still relatively young (mid 20's), tall- 5'10, dirty blond hair, blue eyes, and I am casual but fun!

    So throw out some colors (any pictures would be great too- although I know I could search this sub forum for them!!)

    Sometime soon I look forward to officially welcoming myself to the Hermes club!!!!! :yahoo:

  2. Hi Megs.....could you be our CBK?
  3. TPF Queen deserves classic H Black Box or the royal GOLD:queen:
  4. Am I that dumb that I don't know what CBK is... :push:!!!
  5. How about a box calf with gold hardware chocolte brown with cyclamen piping
    birkin?;) i'ts the one Valesca Guerrand-Hermes wears, she has it in the selebrity photo section !:yes: (and one you have a few nice photos of with yourself in it?):graucho: :girlsigh: :angel: i think it is actually in the society and the birkins thread
  6. ^ Ah yes, I remember that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Really, how could I forget!!) BEAUTIFUL!
  7. Carolyn Basette Kennedy (spelling?). I think she may have your coloring. She was incredibly stylish and there are some great pics of her in the celebrities and their Hermes thread. I do agree, a black box would be great!
  8. Rouge H, Garrance or Vif or Vermillion for your first bag. You would wear a bag in a more casual leather like togo the most. Chevre would be another choice. 32 or 35cm Kelly retourne (souple) for you. You could wear it anywhere, anytime. You can be a casual and classy Queen!
  9. I think you are definitely a birkin girl,( 35cm), so it's just a matter of you deciding what color combo makes you happy.
  10. For me.. BJ Chevre with PH HW casual for everyday.. with jeans and its alot of fun!! I choose Chevre so its not slouchy!!

    OR Gold Chevre with either PH or G!

    Now I'm not expert so i'm not really sure if Chevre comes in these two colors..i'm definitely hunting these two bags for myself.. they're gorgeous AND casual for everyday!! Ofcourse, there is also potiron/orange which is stunning as well!!

    IMO.. Megs.. The first bag is something u can have fun with it for everyday so i wouldn't get a black birkin as my first bag.. just my honest opinion!!
  11. You are in your 20's, so still very young!!! I say go for a red togo or clemence (in honor of the Buckeyes!) And I think 35cm is a better size for you! You are super tall!! At least compared to shorty me, and I prefer the 35!
  12. Oh that's a tough one. What are the colors in your current bag collection?

    I'd say def. a 35cm Birkin.
    Gold Togo (like CXYVR's here in this pic):
  13. YAAY, Megs!!!!

    I say a 35cm Gold with either Palladium or Gold hardware in TOGO! This is a killer combination.....fun, casual yet very chic that grows up with you. You will love this bag in your 20's, 30's and through your 50's....like me!
  14. Great minds think alike, Japster!!!! Gold Togo....35cm!!!!
  15. i say a black box in gold HW 35!!!!!!!!!! u r sooo tall!! envy!!!!