What color suitcase?

  1. Okay, I'm pretty sure what attracted me to this Heys suitcase was that it's very similar to LV vernis :roflmfao: but it really was the best small lightweight suitcase for my price range! I just wanted something for weekend plane trips (3-4 days). I have two LVs I use as carry ons, my mandarin orange epi keepall and a big purple vernis bag. I don't use them at the same time, so I was thinking about getting a color that matches both?



    or I could match the mandarin!

    what color do you like best?
  2. I say go orange! I love the mandarin and I think it would rock with a matching suitcase!
  3. I think the green one would go great with both the orange and the purple LVs.
  4. I like the red one which I think will match the orange epi and purple vernis well.
  5. [​IMG] :love:
  6. Love the suitcase! I'd get the green or orange because a lot of suitcases are red these days.
  7. oh that green one is fantastic! i love ti! doesn it come in purple? very cool! retro futuristic! (im jealous of your puple carryon, btw.)
  8. I :heart: the green! And the orange second!
  9. the green one reminds me of peppermint. :biggrin:

    I am dying for my purple sutton ... she should be here tomorrow!! :sweatdrop:

    no purple on the site though ... just a pinkish-purple.

    I am thinking either the green or orange, because I have a bunch of red luggage that I don't use anymore. do you think the orange would hold up better?
  10. :yes:
  11. the red one