What color stroller?


Which color stroller for redhead boy with resale in mind?

  1. Water blue - two shades of lighter blue

  2. Copper and Tan - two shades of brown

  3. Navy and light blue - mostly navy with light blue

  4. Beige and Camoflage - mostly beige with camo accents

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  1. 2 shades of light blue?
    Tan with coppery brown?
    Navy with light blue?
    Camo and tan?

    Color of strollers are shown below. My son has reddish hair, but I'm also thinking for resale since he will outgrow this stroller after this year.

    2 blues [​IMG]

    tan with copper

    Navy and light blue

  2. No one has an opinion? I'm obsessed! LOL I want to order today if possible!
  3. I'd say the copper and tan...Very gender neutral, which will be good if you plan on reselling later!
  4. I keep leaning towards the copper/tan or the blue on blue (the lighter one). I like the neutrality of the brown because I could use like ANY bag with it too, but is this a fad color? Seems popular now, but will it be in a year from now?

    Kind of like how lime green was THE color for strollers two years ago and now it's dead and dated.
  5. Copper and tan, but next I like the navy and light blue. :smile:
  6. I like the copper/tan one for a redheaded boy.

    I also find redheads look absolutely astounding in or against olive, deep camo greens, the colors are complete complementaries on the color wheel.
  7. Thinking resale as well as redheaded boy, I vote for the navy+light blue combo. But...don't think you can really go wrong with any (except perhaps the camo one). That's either a 'love it' or 'would dream of it' kind of taste thing.
  8. Thank you everyone. I think I'm going to go with the copper and tan combo simply because it also matches my handbags better! LOL

    This is my last stroller and it's a treat to ME for getting out and exercising more. Now I just have to order it and WAIT for it to arrive! ugh! Good thing it's still winter and icky or else I'd want it NOW! DS still loves to ride and LOVES taking walks with me, so we'll have fun this spring/summer/fall and then I'll probably sell it as our riding days will be over, WAH!!!!
  9. I like the Navy and Light blue!
  10. mines a tie between the copper and tan or the biege and camo. but the copper/tan might be a better combo for the resale option.
  11. I like the Navy and Light Blue also... the other colors make me worry about getting it stained or something like that. hee hee
  12. oops, I came in late and voted before I read that you'd already picked. I picked the navy/light blue combo, since I liked that it had a little more contrast between the colors than the others.