What color St Louis Tote PM?

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  1. I am diving into Goyard with the St Louis Tote PM. I own the LV Neverfull but find it way too common in NYC. I have a 7 month old baby so I will be using this bag as a baby bag and everyday bag. I commute to NYC for work 3 days a week.
    I can not decide which color to get, it is between the pink, white and black on black.
    I would appreciate any opinions.
  2. I'd say go for black/black - it's 'friendlier' for you with the baby and commuting
  3. I agree with chay- though I have heard that both the pink and white are extremely durable colors that do not get color transfer from jeans, etc, I'd still say that black is the most logical choice, unless, of course, you're in love with one of the lighter colors! Also, the interior of the bag is the same no matter the color, so that is good to know and may help factor in your decision.

    Best of luck!
  4. I live in NYC and have the black on black and the white. I would go with the black on black because the white really stands out and I feel self conscious wearing it in the winter.
  5. Thanks everyone for your opinions.
    I know the black would be the most practical, but I already own quite a few large LV's including a black mahina xl.
    I love the color pink especially since I had my baby girl. I just don't want to regret getting the pink in a few years!
  6. very tough decision as black would be classic and most practical....but the PINK for your baby girl....WOW!!!!!!
    and it is limited...in fact it's somewhat hard to find....i say go for the PINK and have fun with it!!!:biggrin:
  7. It seems like you really like the pink. I would get that! You could always get the black...
  8. If you do want pink I would get in now because they are getting harder to find, especially the St. Louis.
  9. I concur with cathi, bextasy, and nymifashion! Go for the pink, especially because of the symbolic significance (really adorable :amuse:) and because it's in short supply. Have fun with it!
  10. Although I am a guy, the pink is really very attractive! Although I personally wouldn't use one, I think the colour is just super lovely! PINK! PINK!
  11. i'd say go for the pink :smile:
  12. Get the pink. I have a white one and it never gets dirty, so I think a pink will be just fine!
  13. I bought the white! I went to look at both the pink and the white and the pink looked too much like pepto bismol in person. No offense to any one who has the pink, it was just a little too pink for me!
    I was also afraid I would get sick of the pink, the white seems more "classic"
    Thanks for all of your opinions!!
  14. Congratulations, Brutus1!!!

    Serendipitously, I was in line today right behind a girl with a massively pristine white St. Louis GM, and it was so very gorgeous. Enjoy!
  15. Congrats on your Goyard! Please post a picture if possible!