What Color Spy should I get?

  1. Hello ladies! This is my first blog ever, and I wanted to know what color you suggest for the large spy? I'm choosing between the black or the camel. I just got the chanel black cabas in leather and I also just bought the prada satchel in camel, I really want a spy bag but I'm torn on what color. Thanks!

  2. Since you already have a black Chanel and a camel Prada I suggest a chocolate brown Spy. I actually bought a honey Spy and then returned it and got the chocolate brown. It's a beauty!
  3. Thanks. I have a lot of brown bags. Is there any reason why you returned the camel ? Because Thats the color I'm leaning towards.
  4. I have it in Black...One can NEVER have enough black bags..LOL!!!
  5. Jill Do you not find the black to be a little dull looking? Everytime I decide to get it, I change my mind, the color appears so dry looking to me.
  6. I would go with the chocolate brown, the color is so versatile and not to mention beautiful!
  7. I would go with the new Blue spy on Saks.com, beautiful colour
  8. Do you mean the denim bag at Saks? Yea its cute, but I was looking at the cognac at styledrops.com Has anyone ever orders from them?
  9. no matter what color, you'll have a beaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuutiful bag
  10. Sorry I meant the new blue leather one on Neiman Marcus, its pre-order colour going to be know as Blueberry. Styledrops does sell authentic bags and a few members have order from them
  11. I saw the Blueberry IRL at Harvey Nichols yesterday = OMG is that one amazing colour. Dark blue but purpley in certain lights - I would so go for that if I had the option. I have the chocolate too and that is an amazing colour also. You may already have brown bags but the colour is like dark dark chocolate. Good luck with which ever colour you go for.
  12. I used to feel the same way! When I'd see the black one in photos, it was just "blah". Then I popped over to Fendi and saw the lot of spys. Guess which one I couldn't take my eyes off of? The BLACK one (as well as the Zucca which looks 600 times better ITF)! Something about the black one was really Spy-ish. Like, really sexy and undercover. Long story short, black's the color of my first spy. My zucca spy's on it's way!!!!:party: I Loooooove Spys! And I agree with Nancypants, no matter what color you get, it's gonna be beautiful!!!!!!!!:yes:
  13. Biondina, I bought my silver-gold Spy from styledrops and also my brown corduroy Spy and the leather is soft and lovely. As far as I know, they're authentic--the girls on this blog say they are. I also bought 2 balenciaga coin purses from them. Items generally arrive within a couple of weeks. They ship directly from Turino, Italy, so that's a good sign, right?
  14. I like black.
  15. another vote for blueberry