what color/size is your Longchamp Le Pliage?

  1. i am thinking of getting a longchamp Le Pliage, but i am not sure what size and the strap length, any suggestions?

    so what color/size is your longchamp?
    do you like it? any regret?
  2. Black, mine is fairly large...not sure of size. I love it when we travel, can hold all my stuff, camera's etc., and fold into my carry-on as some European carriers only allow one carry-on I learned the hard way
  3. I have a large black tote with long handles. I love the black/brown combo since it's my "work" tote and has to go with all of my outfits. I bought a chameleon to organize the bag, but it's always falling over. I would buy the large bag, but get a great organizer.
  4. I have 2 Le Pliages- both are large with long handles. One is brown, and the other is tan with pink and red polka dots. I absolutely love them both. They work really well as tote bags and overnight bags. I wish I could buy one in every color!
  5. i always think the long handle is too long, and the short too short, i dont know about you guys
    that's why i couldnt make up my mind
  6. Pink with the brown handles. I never carry it because I always wear black, but then again I got the thing for $19 at a consignment store. It was new and still had the security tag inside the bag! Carried it around for a few weeks before I found it and stopped setting off alarms in stores!
  7. I have five small Pliages and one medium sized, all with short handles. It is incredible how much stuff you can get even into the small ones - when I go to the solarium I put a fresh towel and underwear in there, my sunglasses in their case, another small towel for my face (beware of wrinkles!) and there is still room left! The medium size is ideal for longer shopping tours or buying things at the supermarket or groceries... and the bags don't mind rain or being pushed around...

    Oh, about the colours: The small ones in olive, red, ebony, beige and one int the woolen Kilt pattern with the emblem and the medium one in a warm, dark orange.
    Regina :tup:
  8. I have a large brown one with long handles. It's excellent for travelling, you can fit so much into it!
  9. I have a medium sized one with shoulder straps in red- it's the perfect size day bag. I just used it today going to Woburn safari park with the kids- was able to fit wallet, purse, wristelet, sunglasses, bottle of water, hat , gloves, kids small toy and more in it!
  10. I have the large and medium with the long handles and little one with short handles. You can't regret buying this bag, you'll probably end up using it more than you think.
  11. Large is my favorite I think, with the long handles so you it's easier to carry. I bought almond green but returned it because I thought it was too "blah". It's a nice color but I was looking for something brighter, so I ordered terra cotta instead. I saw it IRL last week and it seems really pretty.
  12. thanks guys, i finally got mine!!
    it's a medium brown with short handle
    i brought it to my parents home last week, and once my mom saw me carrying the bag
    she said, i have been thinking about buy the bag too...haha
  13. I think it is a beautiful bag. Congratulations.:tup:
  14. I have one too, the smallest size with the short handle in purple color, i'm loving it to bits!! also congrats with ur purchase!!
  15. I just bought the medium totes with long handles in chocolate and red yesterday, and finally got the black today too :yahoo::nuts:LOL I am so loving these bags! Plan to get the large one next week! I may be getting more use out of the le pliage than most of my lvs, pradas and guccis LOLOL! :girlsigh: