What color should my very first bbag (city) be? please help me pick!

  1. Hi everyone!
    it's me again!! I just want to first say thanks to everyone that helped me decide on my very first bbag style..it shall be a CITY:p

    problem now is..what color should I get? It'll be my very first bbag and I want an all year round bag. Any suggestions? perhaps out of the colours in 07 years so it is easier to find? any other colour suggestions are totally welcome too!! :graucho:

    for now..these are the colours that I am trying to choose from..
    - truffle
    - cafe
    - marron
    - grenat

    ps: I have a lot of brown & grey clothes. Very little black clothes..any b bag colour that you think will match what I wear?;)

    any comments or feedback will be greatly appreciated :love: :love: thanks!!
  2. If that is the colour you wear then I would go cafe or grenat. I think that would be the best fit for your wardrobe.

    Its an exciting time for you - keep us posted
  3. Truffle..I have a new truffle twiggy. I really love the color. It is dark enough to wear in the winter but light enough for warm weather.
  4. I say truffle. Start with someting very neutral based on your wardrobe (for now;) )
  5. either truffle or cafe
  6. I would have to say grenat because if you wear mainly grey and brown a little color would be nice and grenat would be a good color to add a little something to your wardrobe.
  7. cafe
  8. If you could find one, what about Greige? It goes with gray or brown. Also the new sandstone that should be arriving any day now is a very pretty neurtral light brown.
    Of the ones you listed I would choose Truffle. Cafe is really dark, grenat doesn't go that well with browns but looks nice with gray. Or since spring and summer will soon be here, you could go with natural and it goes with everything. :smile:
  9. :yahoo: thanks everyone again!

    what about
    is that colour lighter than cafe but darker than truffle?:shrugs:

    sorry for stupid questions like this.. I'm such a newbie :sweatdrop:
  10. I love all four colors but i think that since your wardrobe is mostly brown, why not get a bag with a bit of contrast so it stands out more.. like a red bag for example??
  11. I like Greige or White :smile:
  12. From your list I vote for grenat to come and bring a touch of color.
  13. oh wow..that greige one is awesome..very nice indeed...however..I've decided to not buy a lighter colour (for now..hehe) just because I'm such a newbie and I would not know how to care for it :sad: I really don't want to ruin such a gorgeous bag.
    the marron also looks very nice!!

    so I've narrowed it down I think..
    it is between the cafe/marron/truffle........what about ink? O.O

    right now I'm swaying a little bit more towards "CAFE" just because over here in Canada, the weather is often gloomy and rainy..and it seems durable enough to not get it dirty..but the only concern I have with Cafe is whether you can still see the nice little details of the bag with such a dark colour?:shrugs:
    many thanks again to all you awesome ladies who are taking their time to help me pick my first colour:heart: :heart:
  14. My vote is for truffle!! It's just such a delish colour! :love: