What color should my Lindy be? (first Hermes bag)

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What Color should my Lindy be? (first Hermes bag)

  1. Raisin

  2. Etoupe

  3. Graphite

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hi Everyone - Need your advise please!

    I will be getting my first ever Hermes bag in a few weeks, and need your help in making a decision.

    Its going to be a a Lindy in Clemance for sure with PHW, but I'm kinda torn on the colors.

    My outfits are mostly black, red, pink, and jeans (blue and black).

    I intend to use this on a daily basis - my workhorse bag as they say. Also, I don't think I will be buying another Hermes bag besides this one in 2009, so it will have to be versatile and neutral.

  2. The etoupe is neutral color that you can use all year round.
  3. Have you considered ardoise? It is fantastic with jeans :heart:
  4. thanks Rana - I've not seen an ardoise irl, and i'm thinking that based on the colors in the pics i've seen, its in the gray family too.....would you know if it is darker than graphite?...btw, i'm a BIG fan of your collection!
  5. jp824 - I agree, that's one of the the reasons why I like etoupe too, and being in South Florida, I thought that its the "lightest" neutral choice....
  6. I vote for etoupe. beautiful neutral color, looks fantastic with black and jeans and pink.
  7. Here is ardoise next to graphite. Ardoise is more of a steel blue grey :smile:

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  8. Oooops, I voted before I read your post!!! If you wear mostly the colors you mentioned, I don't think raisin would be your best choice. Have you thought of rouge garance. But if you wear a lot of pink, it may not be neutral enough.
  9. Nancydrew I think if your looking for a year round color you can't beat Etoupe!! I have graphite in clemance and its a perfect winter color but I never use it all year round. Have you thought of other colors too?
  10. Just another color comparison for you :smile:

    Etoupe Clemence (with Gris T trim) next to Graphite Clemence

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  11. Etoupe would be a lovely year round colour! Graphite would also be nice if you were looking for a darker shade to avoid any marks showing.
  12. Etoupe is nice, but so is Raisin
  13. One more comparison pic for you... :smile:

    Graphite Clemence compared to Raisin Clemence

    I haven't voted because I honestly do not know which color I would pick!

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  14. My vote is for Etoupe
  15. etoupe!