What color should I pick for my first Balenciaga?

  1. Okay, so I've been slowing authenticating various bags on the Authentic Forum....

    So...what color should I choose?

    A Lilac City....

    An Ink City...


    A Cornflower Twiggy?

    (I think I have an opinion...buuuuuut, I wanted some more opinions)
  2. Depends what you have more in your wardrobe of in colouring.

    I am personally more a blue person so would definitely choose the cornflower ftwiggy for both colour and style.

    So the cornflower twiggy gets my vote.
    http://cards.funnystories.ru/288100 ;)
  3. ink city for my vote
  4. I prefer INK city or anthracite color is another option.....if u can don't mind brighter colors, u can select aqua or french blue. If not more neutral colors, will be sandstone or natural.......:smile: